Noem9 Studio is a design & illustration firm producing work for a wide range of clients. We help our clients communicate their message clearly with clever concepts and bold graphics.

We create contemporary work spanning across brand identities, packaging, art direction, advertising, editorial, apparel graphics or bespoke typefaces for a diverse range of premium brands, ranging from start-ups to global businesses.


↓ If you’re interested in talking to us about a new project or want to find out more about our studio and what we can do for your business, please email contact@noem9studio.com

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Selected Clients

↳ Nike
↳ Adidas
↳ Nickelodeon
↳ Warner Bros
↳ Virgin Atlantic
​↳ Gatorade
↳ CoppaFeel!
↳ Yorokobu Magazine


↳ 'Type Hybrid' by Viction:ary (China, 2016)
↳ 'Handmaking in Design' by Sendpoints (China, 2016)
↳ 'Don't Get a Job... Make a Job' by Laurence King
     (Germany, 2016)
↳ 'BranD' magazine #23 (China, 2015)
↳ 'Typodarium' by Slanted (Germany, 2014 & 2015)
↳ 'Typism Book' by Typism Conference (Australia, 2013)
↳ 'Eco Packaging Design' by Monsa (Spain, 2012)
↳ 'Top Graphic Design' by Hightone Book (China, 2012)


↳ 'Touchie Feelie' (London, UK, 2016)
↳ 'Boobs & Boards' (London, UK, 2015)
↳ 'Happily Ever After' (London, UK, 2014)
↳ 'Cada letra cuenta una historia' (Madrid, Spain, 2014)
↳ 'International Typeface Exhibition' (Brighton, UK, 2013)
↳ 'Express Yourself' (Barcelona, Spain, 2013)