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Phase 01. First round of ideas exploring different elements that could be taken from the TMNT world and be represented as an icon.
We also explored the possibility of using some shapes to create a monogram instead of a visual icon.


Phase 01. Initial round of ideas for the typography style and composition that could be explored further based on previous sketches.
Rough comps to get an understanding of how the shapes work together and which elements relate to the new TMNT world.


Phase 02. Second round exploring different options: a couple of street-style inspired lettering, another one with a japanese vibe and some using geometric letters and adding some letter-cuts to have a looser finish.


Phase 03. In this third round the work was focused on creating letterings with a young and playful vibe & also looking at how it would look adding some color and effects to it.


Rise of the TMNT — Logo/Lettering

Nickelodeon approached Noem9 Studio with a project for the new TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) TV series that they were working on.
They were looking for a new logotype and possibly an icon that would represent the TMNT. The task was taking inspiration from the new Art Direction and the general mood they were creating for the show and designing a logo that went along with it


Client: Nickelodeon
Lettering & Design: Noem9 Studio
Year: 2017